*** Bathhouse is open ***

Available Amenities

The bathhouse is available for Skyline Lakes residents and their guests.  There are separate bathrooms for men and women.  Each bathroom has a single toilet, shielded from the door with a vanity wall.  There is a changing area with mirror and a walk-in shower.  There are smoke detectors in each bathroom, which are required by our Property and Liability insurance policy.  Please do not smoke in the bathhouse, as it may cause the smoke detectors to trigger.

SLPA does not stock the bathhouse with supplies, such as toilet paper, tissues, towels, etc.  A good Samaritan may leave supplies behind, but its best to bring your own supplies.

How to Gain Access

Because the bathhouse is not heated, we must winterize it to prevent the pipes from bursting.  As a result the bathhouse is not available starting after Thanksgiving weekend in November then reopened between April 15th and May 1st, depending on the weather.    There is a cypher lock on each bathhouse door.  To gain access to the bathhouse, the board can issue your family a 4-digit code.  The same code will work for both cypher locks.  You must be up-to-date with your HOA fees to receive a code.

To request a code, please contact the treasurer at

If you have any issues, please let us know by emailing us at