Entrance Parking Lot

Entrance Parking Lot

There is a large, level, gravel parking lot at the entrance to Skyline Lakes.  With cellular reception nearly non-existent within Skyline Lakes, this parking lot is a great meeting place for guests, contractors and delivery services.


Trespassers Will Be Towed

SLPA has seen vehicles parked at the entrance that are not owners.   Often, it appears to be hikers that take advantage of our large parking lot and then hike into Shenandoah National Park.

You are trespassing on private property.

We will issue you a warning (letter left under your windshield), followed by a tow at the owners expense, as per guidance from Sheriff Cubbage.  If you are parked here legitimately, email the board with make, model and license plate of your vehicle to avoid towing:  Board@skylinelakes.org.

Winter Conditions Warning

This parking lot is critical in the winter months, as owners park and leave vehicles in this lot, and take snow mobiles, tractors or 4-wheel drive vehicles with chains to their respective cabins when inclement weather is imminent.  The community is private, so no state highway road maintenance is performed.  Rather the HOA must hire local contractors to perform all road work, including snow removal.

It cannot be stressed enough that the roads in Skyline Lakes are dangerous in ice and snow conditions.   They are not wide enough for two cars to pass each other in many areas, without one or both vehicles hugging an upper hillside and a lower drop-off.  The roads are carved into the sides of 3 mountains (Glick, Iron and Soapstone).  There are switch-backs, very steep hills,  and no guard rails or street lights.  Vehicles have slid off the road and rolled into the woods.  Below is a snow plow contractor, who also slid off the road while plowing a March, 21, 2019 snow storm, and was stuck there until the snow melted and the truck could be towed.

Below is an ice storm from 2006 that stranded local residents in Skyline Lakes for a week.

 *** Enter at your own risk ***

The HOA is not responsible for your vehicle’s ability to traverse our roads.  The following sign resides at the entrance to Skyline Lakes: