50th Anniversary Celebration

50th Anniversary Celebration

The 2019 annual meeting was held on Saturday, September 14, 2019, 2pm, and the Skotzko cabin, 119 Park View Road, Stanley, VA 22851.  This year was our 50th anniversary for Skyline Lakes, so we celebrated with a cake and memorabilia, such as the original advertising flyer and a storyboard of nostalgic photos dating back to 1970.

Left to right: Delmer Breeden, Clifford Opper, Mary K. Skotzko, Opper campsite, original flyer, 1969.
President, Gene Skotzko, addressing the community at the Annual Meeting.

In addition, Orv Lee, with assistance from Bill Haycraft, gave an authoritative and fascinating history of the Association’s first 50 years.  Orv is a powerful public speaker and despite talking for well over an hour, he never lost energy and the presentation remained interesting.  Bill offered additional, good detail about the people and events that Orv discussed.  Everyone present (about 30 people) learned something new about our community’s background.  Click here to read a summary of first 50 years.

Orv Lee, reciting our history
Bill Haycraft, reciting our history

The day concluded with a social event that included the always tasty gas station fried chicken, numerous side dishes, and a large anniversary cake.  It was a good day with fine weather and people enjoyed themselves and left happy.

We also received an update from Beth Cayer on our 2019 Firewise grant, which has been secured, but we have been unable to locate a boom-ax to rent for the brush-clearing.

Treasurer, Mary Russell, provided a financial report, citing we are staying within budget and have additional funds in the checking account, should we need them this fall.  She also clarified her position.  She was appointed to the board, not elected.  She participates in board discussions and offers recommendations regarding the financials, but she does not vote.  She is a non-voting board member.