Policies / Bylaws

Policies / Bylaws

The Board of Directors exists to manage the affairs of the association, which exists to provide for the common benefit of the membership. In order to do this, the Board must occasionally establish, modify or rescind Association policies and practices, or the rules and regulations that apply to our members. The Association must comply with many layers of law that regulate homeowners associations where property abutts parkland or within the Potomac River watershed.

In addition, we have our own policy documents. Collectively, these “Governing Instruments” are very constraining, and the Board must scrutinize each to determine if a contemplated action will conflict with one. In addition, the Board must occasionally initiate or respond to legal action, particularly to enforce payment of maintenance assessments.

All of these activities fall under the purview of our Policy & Legal Committee, which is usually chaired by the President, or by a member who has legal training or experience. The committee is advised by our legal counsel, or occasionally by an attorney provided to us through our insurer.

The SLPA Governing Instruments:

By Laws – September 14, 2019

Articles of Incorporation – July 30, 1994

SLPA Declaration and Plats – July 30, 1994

SLPA Complaint Process

Chronological List of Document Changes