Treasurer’s Corner

Treasurer’s Corner

Updated for 2022

SLPA annual assessment fees are currently $98 per lot, per year.

SLPA has a 96% pay rate.

Where Your SLPA Fees Go

The Skyline Lakes budget breakdown is below.  As you can see, nearly 75% of all of the assessment-based revenue we collect is used for road maintenance.   The primary reason is that our roads are not paved, rather they are graveled and quite mountainous.  It is literally a constant battle to keep our roads in good condition, but we strive to do just that every day.


Financial Reports

The Treasurer produces a financial report, as required by the ByLaws, specifically Article III, “Board of Directors: Meetings, Elections, Powers, Duties,” Reference C, “Powers and Duties,” Section 17, “Accounts and Reports,” Items (f) and (g), for each Quarterly Meeting of the HOA Board, and one for the Annual Meeting each September.

Current Treasurer Report

Treasurer Report 2022-01-23

Skyline Lakes Property-holders Association, inc.

Budget for 2022

Combining and Dividing Lots

Can I reduce my HOA fees by combing my lots?  What about redividing a large lot that was previously combined?