Board Meetings

Board Meetings

1st QuarterlyStanley FD Hall, 190 E Main St.January 23, 20221:00 pm
2nd QuarterlySkotzko's cabin, 119 Park View RdApril 24, 20221:00 pm
3rd QuarterlyTo Be DeterminedJuly 17, 20221:00 pm
Annual MeetingTo Be DeterminedSeptember 17, 20221:00 pm
4th QuarterlyTo Be DeterminedOctober 23, 20221:00 pm

Notice of Board Meetings

The Skyline Lakes board defines all quarterly and annual meeting dates a year in advance.  The meetings are published in each quarterly newsletter, as well as here on the SLPA website page.  This is in accordance with POAA section 55.1-1815:

Notice shall be sent by United States mail to all members at the address of their respective lots unless the member has provided to such officer or his agent an address other than the address of the member’s lot. In lieu of sending such notice by United States mail, notice may instead be (i) hand delivered by the officer or his agent, provided that the officer or his agent certifies in writing that notice was delivered to the member, or (ii) sent to the member by electronic mail, provided that the member has elected to receive such notice by electronic mail and, in the event that such electronic mail is returned as undeliverable, notice is subsequently sent by United States mail.

Owners in good standing are welcome to attend any meeting.

Board Meeting Ground Rules

The Skyline Lakes board meets quarterly to discuss road maintenance, review the budget versus actuals, and make any decisions related to the community necessary.  There is a general session, followed by a break and then the board enters into an executive session where sensitive topics, such as arrears and legal actions are discussed.  All members of the community are welcome to attend the general session, but you are not permitted to participate in official business.  At the end of the general session, the president opens the floor to the attending members for comment.  Then a break is taken and the attending owners are asked to depart.  The board then enters the executive session.  Minutes from the general session meetings and the annual meeting are available to any owner and are stored below.

The board keeps several years of meeting minutes on the website.  Access to prior meeting minutes is password-protected.  If you are in good standing and wish to receive minutes from prior years, please contact the board at

Current Meeting Minutes

SLPA-Quarterly-Meeting-2021-01-24  *   SLPA-Quarterly-Meeting-2021-04-18  *  SLPA-Quarterly-Meeting-2021-07-18  *  SLPA-Annual-Meeting-2021  *  SLPA-Quarterly-Meeting-2021-10-17