Contents of the Newsletter

The Skyline Lakes Board produces a quarterly newsletter for our community.  We strive to finalize and mail/email the newsletter to the community one week after each quarterly board meeting.  By doing this, we are able to include any timely decisions made at a given meeting into the newsletter.  Therefore you can expect a newsletter by the end of January, April, July and October.

All newsletters include a Presidents Letter, pertinent updates in the community, feature articles about mountain living, and often times a favorite recipe from a neighbor.  Because we have board elections every year, each July newsletter includes the candidate BIOs and a ballot to fill out.  Every October, the newsletter includes the budget for the following year.

We use a Local Print Shop

We use a local print shop, Luray Copy and Print Service, to produce the newsletter, in an effort to support local businesses.  We do not use an expensive publishing software package.  The current newsletter is developed in Microsoft Word, and consists of 3, 11 x 17 pages, double-sided, in color.  This format yields 12 pages of content.  Note: the newsletters for 2020 are not printable on a standard printer due to the large format, but can be viewed online.

Newsletter Online Subscription

Starting in 2021, the newsletters will be produced in two formats – large format (11 x 17) and normal format (8.5 x 11).  The large format will be printed at the local print shop for mailing to owners.  The regular format will be uploaded to the website and emailed to those owners who sign up for the online subscription.  Please consider signing up for an online subscription of the newsletter – see subscribe box in the right sidebar.

Contribute to the Newsletter

We encourage community members to contribute to the newsletter with an article or recipe.  If you have something you would like to contribute, or you have a topic you’d like the board to cover, please email the editor at:

Read the latest newsletter online in this really cool 3D flip book:

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