Skyline Lakes is a private, rustic cabin community, surrounded on 3 sides by Shenandoah National Park, at an elevation of 3,000 feet.   In winter, the inhospitable mountainous terrain make travel impossible without 4-wheel drive vehicles with chains.  While there is electric service, cellular service is non-existent in most areas within Skyline Lakes.  The community has remained largely unchanged for over 50 years.  It is a quiet retreat for those precious few that call her home.

This is the Breeden Cabin, the oldest cabin in Skyline Lakes.  It was built in circa 1922, making it nearly 100 years old.  The original owners were Elmer Lloyd Breeden and Nealie Jane Cave Breeden, who now rest at the Tanner’s Ridge Cemetery, a private cemetery for those displaced during the establishment of Shenandoah National Park.  To read more, click here.

The Skyline Lakes Property-holders Association (SLPA) is a Virginia tax-exempt, non-stock, non-profit corporation established in 1971 to represent the interests of the owners of lots within the subdivision. An elected Board of Directors collects maintenance fees from the members and uses the proceeds to maintain the roads and common facilities.   See the Treasurer’s Corner for more details about where your maintenance fees go.

Skyline Lakes is a proud member of Firewise, a fire-prevention program for rural communities.  Firewise is a program within the National Fire Protection Association.     

SLPA 2020 Election Results

175 members in good standing; quorum of 20% or 35 ballots were required to hold the election.

51 ballots were cast.

Crystal Liebenow (incumbent) 144 votes

Rose Long (incumbent ) 190 votes

Dave Opper (new candidate) 198 votes

Scott Downey (write-in candidate) 58 votes

Celeste Weaver (write-in candidate) 19 votes

Winners are Crystal Liebenow, Rose Long and Dave Opper.  Congratulations to each!

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